.: Acculturation

We live in a multi-cultural world. Transportation, communication, globalisation, improving international relations, and movements of manpower increasingly bring people of different cultures closer together. Cultures influence each other thanks to this. I have prepared this collection with the conscious of we live in a global village where acculturation is inevitable. The starting point for this were the photos of two little girls. Two photos which were taken in different times and different places. The only common point of two girls, who look with different emotions, is the innocence. One of the photos were taken in Gaziantep, a kid with black big eyes and wearing clothes of traditional kutnu fabric; which I call “ diamond”. The other one is a Princess Louise (1848-1939) portrait. The second “diamond” gives me inspiration with her innocent appearance and yellow ringlet hairs. Likewise in my previous projects, I will use a traditional and historical value of Turkey in my new project: Kutnu fabric. Kutnu Fabric which is a hand woven fabric of Gaziantep in Turkey, and silk chiffon have been used as major materials in my designs. It is very suitable to the Serap Pollard London brand and style, as it is sustainable and ethical. I lived in Turkey until 2000 and have been living in London for the last 14 years. I like travelling. I like searching and learning about new cultures as well as following the interaction between cultures. I too am a part of Global Village.

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